Amnesia HQ @ ODYSSEE 2019 (Video by LiFi Medienproduktion)

Mapping @ Odyssee 2019 (Video by VJ Vacão)


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beloved dancers,

if you lost something somewhere in the location,
please write to:

if you left something at the coat check, please write to: or call: +49 30 70 72 83 06



your odyssee team



Beloved ODYSSEE 2017 dancers,

after 4 weeks at the location, we finished the takedown now and it´s about time to recover and for a little review…..

We like to spend some warm words and a BIG THANKS to everybody who helped us make this ODYSSEE-experience happen – the workers, friends, musical artists, space-creators, live painters, sound engineers, companies, security, first aid crew, coat check, the shops and finally all the nice guests traveling to berlin from allover the world – YOU made it so unique and special. Besides the European Countries we could also welcome guests from Canada, USA, Brazil, Mexico, Costa Rica, Russia, India, Israel, Turkey, Emirates, Morocco and even Australia, New Zealand, Swaziland, British Virgin Islands and Réunion.

With the renewed floor concepts there was always enough space for everybody dancing, walking around, talking and discovering this very special location. The Psy-Jungle-Arena with its open-air-touch was surely one of the highlights and even the Pool-Area and the new „Sleep“ were permanently visited. We´d also like to shoutout a big THANK YOU to our Eco-Team that was constantly cleaning the areas and keeping the toilets in good conditions.

Again we have come a step closer to our vision of a Winter-Indoor-Festival and after all your nice words and the great feedback, our minds are full of new ideas and concepts.

We´ll soon start working on the next ODYSSEE-Berlin-Experience and in the meanwhile we wish you a nice, happy an healthy 2017!

Hope to see you all dancing at ODYSSEE 2018 *☆。¸¸ .•*¨*•♫

Your ODYSSEE Orga Team



Dear PsyTrance Community, dear ODYSSEE lovers,

once again this year´s location will be (fortunately) our first choice 😉

–> the SEZ in the middle of Berlin (same, same, but very different)


SEZ – Berlin

Landsberger Allee 77

10249 Berlin



ODYSSEE 2014 Thank You


Dear Odyssee 2014 Lovers,

After 17 days of building up, 40 hours of partying, and 6 days of disassembling, the time has come for a report (just before the last cleanup).

Foremost we would like to thank all of you party people from all over the world. It is thanks to you that Odyssee keeps happening every year. Mainly all of you are the ones giving Odyssee its energetic direction and ensuring a collective and positive sense of common purpose by creating the many stories and encounters that make each Odyssee unique. With your contribution and your positive feedback, with your constructive criticism, and last but not least, with pre-sales which go very well each year, you give us a chance to improve and extensively build up Odyssee every coming edition. Again many thanks for making it what it is: an ecstatic festival for the senses.

Furthermore our thanks also goes to the entire team, the helpers of the set up and the dismantling, all the dj’s, live acts and their bookers, our electricity and light crew, the decorators, the laser-, the projection- and the visual teams. Thanks to all the artists and live painters, the body painters, the sound engineering crews, our light- and stage-equipment-company (for huge double truck loads of equipment), the venue’s staff (SEZ), our stage manager, all drivers, the bar crew, the drink suppliers and the sponsors, the construction-rental-company, our patient trade fair construction sponsor for all material-sponsoring, the “messe berlin” for 2000 square metres of carpet, the carpet tape sponsor, our 2 professional carpet workers, our beloved carpet inlay worker, the x-berg/friedrichshain construction and environmental Office, the fire protection inspector, the fire department crew, our first aid crew, our inner- and outdoors security team, our box office crew, our toilet service team and the cleaning crew, the one and only coat check team, chaishop & cocktailbar, Mrs. “lost & found”, Mr. “final clean”, all flyer distributors, our two tireless bill posters, and all our known and un-known supporters all over the planet!!

We expressed a special praise to the inner circle of our staff as we asked them to be on board again for the next edition.

Let love flow, even in the hardest and most stressful situations.

We hope to see you all again next year!

With ever flowing love,

Your Odyssee team