Alexander Rodin (Ales Rodzin) is one of the renowned contemporary Belarusian artists.


He is both a representative of neo-avant-garde and figurative painting school. Rodin’s works amaze by the immense volume of the laborious manual process – literally every inch of canvas is scrupulously refined. Taking into account the sizes of Alexander Rodin’s paintings, which sometimes reach three or even four meters, this meticulous technique can be truly considered as an astonishing feat. Although it is in some ways surprising, since neo-avant-garde movement historically holds the certain distrust of anything that is connected with the craftsmanship of artist.

Alexander himself says that “…an audience needs some nerve! If an artist has it in his works, if he is stripped and palpable then the audience sees and understands that. I work in a manner that’s unfortunately moved to the background now; it has been substituted for coloring and graphics. I combine avant-garde forms and introduce constructivism and cosmogonism…and through the plasticity of the rhythms and color structures I try to juxtapose the micro and macro cosmos of mental, physical and astral being”.
As for now Alexander Rodin has chosen German and Belarusian capitals as his primary creative labs and display spaces.


Alexander Rodin was born in Baranovichy, Belarus in 1947. He graduated from the Belarusian Institute of Theater and Art in 1971 and became a member of the Belarusian Artists’ Union in 1980.


Selected solo exhibitions:
1980 Exhibition Hall of Belarusian Artists Union. Minsk, Belarus
1988 “Rush Hour” Exhibition. Minsk, Belarus
1991 The Central Artists’ House. Moscow, Russia
1994 The Center of Modern Arts “The Sixth Line”. Minsk, Belarus
1994 The Centre of Experimental Arts. Vlissingen, Netherlands
1995 CAES Hall. Ris-Orangis, France
1997 Gallery “IFIAC”. Brussels, Belgium
1998-99 Municipality of Vlissingen, Netherlands
1999 The State Art Gallery “The Palace of Art”. Minsk, Belarus
2002 Kunsthaus Tacheles “Second Entry into the Tacheles”. Berlin, Germany
2005 Kunsthaus Tacheles “Free Fall”. Berlin, Germany
2005 The Exhibition Hall of the National Library of Belarus. Minsk, Belarus
2006 The Exhibition Hall “Underground”. Minsk, Belarus
2006-2007 Kunsthaus Tacheles “Kali-Yuga”. Berlin, Germany
2007-2008 Kunsthaus Tacheles “Dach-5”. Berlin, Germany


Selected group exhibitions:
1971, 1975 “Exhibition of Young Artists” at the National Museum. Minsk, Belarus
1976-1980 Annual “Republican Exhibition” at the National Art Gallery. Minsk, Belarus
1989 “Treasure of the Belarusian Avant-garde”. Minsk, Belarus
1990 The Centre of Contemporary Art “Norblin”. Warsaw, Poland
1991 “Call of Cassandra” at the National Art Gallery. Minsk, Belarus
1992 “Art Shock” at the State Art Gallery “The Palace of Art”. Minsk, Belarus
1993 “Days of Culture – Belarusian Art”, the Exhibition Hall of Ukrainian Artists Union. Kiev, Ukraine
1993 The Central Artists’ House. Moscow, Russia
1994-2001 “Pahonia”, the National Art Gallery. Minsk, Belarus
1994 “The Scorpion” Ship-Museum. Middelburg, Netherlands
1996 “Belarusian Days in France”. Centre of Herbert exhibition hall. Paris, France
2001 “Dach – Belarusian Art”. Kunsthaus Tacheles. Berlin, Germany
2002 “Center of Pierre Cardin” Art Gallery. Paris, France
2003 ‘Dach II/Minsk – Berlin’. Kunsthaus Tacheles. Berlin, Germany
2006 ‘Der Mechanische Mann der Kultur’. Kunsthaus Tacheles. Berlin, Germany
2006 ‘Minsk – Berlin’. Kunsthaus Tacheles. Berlin, Germany
2007 ‘3 Dimensions’. Kunsthaus Tacheles. Berlin, Germany
2007 ‘Kauft uns warm!’. Kunsthaus Tacheles. Berlin, Germany
2008 ‘Victim of Art’ Kunsthaus Tacheles. Berlin, Germany