The Visionary Art of Hakan HISIM. Deep inner realms of the Sacred and Divine consciousness manifested into the digital domain.
Website: hakanhisim.net
Facebook: facebook.com/hakanhisim
Tumblr: hhisim.tumblr.com/
Youtube: youtube.com/hhisim
Vimeo: vimeo.com/hakanhisim
Last Music Video: vimeo.com/77699482

Hakan HIsIm’s art is deeply influenced by non-ordinary states of being. Esoteric imagery is a constant recurring pattern throughout his work. His art shows an awe of the natural world, and its beautiful contrast with the alien, transpersonal nature of mystical experiences. His often use of bold color schemes are used to accentuate this intrinsic contrast of micro and macro, of the familiar and the alien.
Striving to best express themes of Enlightenment, transcendence and similar mystical states, he has adopted the digital medium to create his art.
He believes that digital creation; the act of painting with light and electricity is the purest form of painting that is currently possible. Removing oneself from the limitations of physical matter; the paint, pigment and canvas, catalyzes experimental creative freedom and propels the artist into unique realms of creativity. Without being confined to the static image, he also creates Moving Paintings’. These are animated works of art, moving versions of his digital paintings that instill them with a dynamic ‘lifelike’ quality.