Barbara Fragogna

The in Turin living artist Barbara Fragogna returns in their works the inside to the outside and re-shuffles the cards of the „human-being“. From the Clown into a monster, from black to white is the visual language Fragogna´s, that humans, far away from nation, race or religion, are a great slimy more or less happy family. Shown will be large-scale oil paintings from the artist’s work.



Martin Reiter

Robot, bunkers, mutants and digitalism – the themes of the Austrian artist manifest themselves in the ODYSSEE 2015 using video installation, relaxing VR Armchairs as Bioadapter and drone-presentation from 1994 to 2014. Shown are images, machinery and all kinds….
Martin Reiter | Kunzt kommt von hunzt…

Tim Roellofs

The Dutch master of collage commenting on the eternal development of Berlin for over a decade. His works reflect the permanent transition of Berlin. In his work, the speed of our digital existence is also discussed as also the contradictions between markets and people. Shown will be collages and prints from the last two years.

Chris Rautenberg

The young German musician, writer and collagier Rautenberg presents at Odyssee 2015 a Homage to Wolfgang Neuss, sound installation (headphones in a cozy corner). pictures and collages blur the boundaries between politics and entertainment.
Chris Rautenberg “The power of images is getting wilder” is the time-immanent central statement of Rautenberg´s work.


KEN aka Plotbot

Der Streetartkünstler wirbelt seit Jahren durch die Strassen und Ruinen Berlins. Seine Werke thematisieren das menschliche Sein in ihrer ganzen Widersprüchlichkeit. Technologie, Kulturindustrie und soziale Auswirkungen unseres beschleunigten Lebens stehen im Fokus des Künstlers. Die Odysee 2015 zeigt diesesmal zwei großformatige Werke von Ken Plotbot.