Kunsthaus Tacheles UG


@ ODYSSEE 2018


The Tacheles exhibition of the Odyssey 2018 shows current positions of artists of the former Kunsthauses in Berlin. From the photo to the universe shopper, the work’s arc is enough. From the figurative to the abstract, from the slide to the booth, the distance traveled at the beginning of the year 2018 together with the visitors. And there is also a space ship for generations to see ….

Alexander Rodin (BY)


Barbara Fragogna (IT)


Kristijan Trummer (DE/RS)


Theo Jar Jar (DE)
Theonarodo Livepainting


Chris Rautenberg (DE)


Zeno-Moped (Earth)


Andreas Schiller (DE)


Ken Plotbot (DE)


Kurihara (JP)


Tim Roelloffs (NL)


Francisco Vasconcelos (PT)


Miguelangelo Rosario Masta of VR (Deutschland)


Ion Inkaela (FR)


Martin L- Reiter (DE/AT)